Leveraging Social Media: The Dangers Of Schools Saying The Wrong Things

The widespread usage of social media in Nigeria, particularly by parents, has made it important for schools desirous of growth and looking to connect with parents to maintain an active presence on it. With social media, schools can project their activities and values, engage parents and other stakeholders and respond to inquiries that could lead […]

The Importance Of A School’s Reputation and How Communication Can Help To Increase Growth

In most cases, because schools have a great influence on the academic strength and well-being of a child, parents carry out all kinds of personal research before deciding on which one to enroll their children in. What they look for in this research can be summed up in a single sentence: the reputation of the […]

How Social Media Can Help Your School Grow Faster and Sustainably

To survive competition and grow, it is important for schools to communicate and communicate well. No matter the efforts channeled into improving a school, unless the results are effectively communicated to parents, the gap is likely to be filled by hearsays and rumors which are, in most cases, poor and detrimental. The popularity of the […]

How Poor School Communication Hinders Growth and Slows Enrollment and Retention

The rising competition in the education sector and the establishment of newer schools on a daily basis have combined to make it extremely difficult for schools to distinguish themselves from each other and attract parents. These days, many schools repeat the same promises of a ‘great curriculum and good teachers’ to parents, without any real […]

Marketing your school is not an ad-hoc activity, it is a full-time job

Appreciating the importance of marketing to schools does not necessarily translate into understanding how it should be done and when. The fact that a lot of school administrators, when asked, will tell you “we know marketing is important and we do it when needed” reveals this mistake. Imagine establishing a friendship with someone and the […]