How Poor School Communication Hinders Growth and Slows Enrollment and Retention

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The rising competition in the education sector and the establishment of newer schools on a daily basis have combined to make it extremely difficult for schools to distinguish themselves from each other and attract parents.

These days, many schools repeat the same promises of a ‘great curriculum and good teachers’ to parents, without any real difference. While a great curriculum and other promises are indeed great features any school should have, the fact that everyone is saying the same thing lessens the impact and gives parents no special reason to choose your school.

In a situation where schools abound, the danger of not communicating well is heightened because unless you offer a unique benefit, it is easier now, more than ever, for parents to overlook your school and settle for the one next to it.

Essentially, with a poor communication style and habit, your school cannot:

–       Identify and attractively communicate successes and unique qualities

–       Establish and maintain deep ties with parents

–       Charge a premium even if services are indeed remarkable

–       Appeal to highly-qualified staff

To grow and earn a ‘special reputation’, you have to craft a good story and communicate it well. Everyone is drawn to success. This is why the sport teams with the most fans are usually the most successful ones. To get parents walking past other schools to troop into yours, you have to tell them something different in a way that will evoke the right emotions, and through channels where they maintain an active presence.

Crafting this unique story, with the sheer abundance of schools that exist today, may be a difficult task requiring creativity and expertise. It is not the same as making false promises or exaggerating the truth. Doing this will damage credibility because parents will eventually find out if communicated benefits are out of sync with reality at your school.

At EduPro, we believe strongly that your school is remarkable in many ways. We have a team of creative storytellers and communication experts dedicated to helping your school discover and distill its unique benefits into a story that will be relayed to parents and other important stakeholders in a consistent, attractive and persuasive manner.

If you want your school to do more than just survive in the face of stiff competition, if you want to grow your enrolment rate and thrive, then please talk to us at for strategic communication plans guaranteed to resonate with parents and endear you to them. We are also on social media @GrowWithEduPro and you can join our Whatsapp group via +2349017925276.

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