How Social Media Can Help Your School Grow Faster and Sustainably

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To survive competition and grow, it is important for schools to communicate and communicate well. No matter the efforts channeled into improving a school, unless the results are effectively communicated to parents, the gap is likely to be filled by hearsays and rumors which are, in most cases, poor and detrimental.

The popularity of the internet and the changing age-category of parents, have made social media an important tool to reach parents and persuade them to establish a relationship with your school through enrolment or retention of their children.

According to research, nearly 24 million Nigerians log on to social media every day. Amongst them are parents and guardians with children of school-age. By maintaining an active and strategic presence on social media, your school stands a great chance of connecting directly with them and spurring them into action.

With social media, your school can:

–       Build trust and confidence

–       Reach parents directly and create a good impression

–       Target relevant people in a precise manner using the advertising feature of the platforms

–       Showcase the school’s unique qualities

–       Conduct a tour for parents in the convenience of their rooms/offices

–       Generate excitement and portray your school as the place to be

The power of social media in connecting your school directly with those in need of educational services makes it an effective growth tool. To fully leverage the opportunity, your school’s social media representation must be creative, exciting, engaging and strategic. Only the best pictures, in terms of quality not fiction, and texts should be published. At EduPro, we have the right team and experience to help your school manage and excel at social media. Talk to us at and let’s work on a plan designed especially for your school. If you want more tips on how to grow your school, please join our Whatsapp group via +2349017925276 and follow us on social media – @GrowWithEduPro