Leveraging Social Media: The Dangers Of Schools Saying The Wrong Things

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The widespread usage of social media in Nigeria, particularly by parents, has made it important for schools desirous of growth and looking to connect with parents to maintain an active presence on it.

With social media, schools can project their activities and values, engage parents and other stakeholders and respond to inquiries that could lead to growth in enrolment and retention figures.

However, the advantageous reach and popularity that social media offers could turn into a bitter experience for schools if adequate attention is not paid to the kind of words, expressions and ideas promoted.

This is because once something has been communicated, schools cannot ‘un-communicate’ it. Apologies, denials and rephrases may be offered, but they cannot undo the communication act and the consequences attached to it.

For instance, a bad picture, taken from a sinister angle that portrays the image of students at risk could signal to parents that:

–       The school is not safe

–       Their children are at risk

–       The teachers are negligent

–       The administration of the school is nonchalant and subpar

The consequence of this could be far-reaching and detrimental to the reputation of the school and its growth plans. This is why schools must be careful with their social media representation and communication techniques to avoid signaling the wrong things in error.

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