Marketing your school is not an ad-hoc activity, it is a full-time job

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Appreciating the importance of marketing to schools does not necessarily translate into understanding how it should be done and when. The fact that a lot of school administrators, when asked, will tell you “we know marketing is important and we do it when needed” reveals this mistake.

Imagine establishing a friendship with someone and the only time you remember to call him/her is when you need help with something. Certainly, it will get to a point where he/she has no other choice but to either cut ties with you or start ignoring your calls. The same is the case when your school reaches out to parents with marketing information only when you seek to extract something from them. In some way, it seems exploitative and gives the feeling of a one-sided relationship.

This is not what marketing seeks to achieve.

–       Marketing is not an effort initiated in response to a crisis, concern or need and then neglected once immediate objectives are met.

–       Marketing is not only for ‘admission season’ or when a bad incident at the school makes it to the press

–       An inconsistent, seasonal approach to marketing your school is not the best use of resources and efforts as it leaves you with no real relationship with parents and other stakeholders important to the survival of your school.

Marketing is an ongoing activity that should be blended into all the activities of your school and how they are communicated internally to members of staff and externally to parents and other important stakeholders. This has been made easier and more direct with the popularity of the internet and social media. However, creativity and innovation is required to initiate exciting conversations and thrilling engagements, instead of being a bother.

In most cases, the survival of any school is dependent on the strength and quality of its marketing. It has too much importance to be treated lightly or as an ordinary administrative function. It is a full-time job that requires a strategic plan, deliberate and consistent efforts, and a great degree of expertise.It is what guarantees that you are always in the minds of people who matter to your school so when it is time to make enrolment decisions, your school is the obvious choice.

Your school has to:

–       Make informed predictions and develop new and exciting activities,

–       Conduct market research to see what the other schools are doing and improve on them,

–       Create communication materials and invest in public relations to build a long-term relationship with parents and other stakeholders.

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