The Importance Of A School’s Reputation and How Communication Can Help To Increase Growth

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In most cases, because schools have a great influence on the academic strength and well-being of a child, parents carry out all kinds of personal research before deciding on which one to enroll their children in.

What they look for in this research can be summed up in a single sentence: the reputation of the school.

Parents want to know if the school has good academic records; if the teachers are helpful and polite; if the administrators of the school are good leaders; and if their children will learn safely and conveniently.

Unless your school has a deliberate plan to answer these problems and – more importantly – communicate the answers to the researching parents, they are likely to get information from sources whose responses you can neither control, nor guarantee it would be positive.

A school with no clear communication plan is effectively toying with reputation and growth. Lack of communication can hurt a school’s reputation irredeemably because:

–       It allows bad rumors to go unchallenged, fester and stick

–       It leaves the school’s image in the hands of those less competent to shape it

–       It turns parents to other quarters for information on the school

A school with a less-than-ideal reputation, made worse by ineffective communication, will fail to attract new students and keep old ones. This is why it is extremely important for schools to determine their own reputation by not just working hard to deliver value, but to also effectively communicate their successes in the right quarters and manner to parents and other stakeholders.

A school’s reputation can either drive its growth or hasten its collapse. At EduPro, we want schools to thrive and meet the objectives of the administrators. We are Nigeria’s foremost educational branding agency focused on using technology, media and communication to help schools earn a great reputation, attract parents and stay ahead of the competition. Talk to us at and let’s tell your school’s remarkable story. Follow us on social media with the handle @GrowWithEduPro and join our Whatsapp group for more details by adding  +2349017925276.